Facing the Tidal Wave
The Whole Man

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Collected Sermons
of Ronald L. Dart



Having discovered the wonderful world of  Print on Demand publishing, it seemed good to begin pulling some of my messages together for posterity,  at least for that handful of people who like to read sermons rather than listen to them.

I hope you find them helpful, informative, maybe even inspiring. And you can help us with proofreading if you are so inclined. What you will read here are early drafts. And they are drawn from sermons which explains the oral style. The italicized citations from the Bible are, unless otherwise indicated, my own paraphrase of the King James Version. Why the King James Bible? Because it is the Bible I have read all my life. When I first began to read the Bible, there wasn't much else available in common use -- something that is  easy to forget.

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