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Reflections on The Psalms



Many years ago when I was having trouble praying, I found an approach that turned my prayer life around. It may even have turned my life around. I don't know if someone suggested it to me, or if I discovered it on my own. But it grew out of an attempt to spend more time with God in prayer when I didn't really have an awful lot to say.

What I did was to pray as long as I could and then, still on my knees and with my Bible open before me, I started to read the first Psalm and then, I simply talked to God about it. When I finished, I put a mark in my Bible and went on to Psalm 2. I have two Bibles, and I have gone through both of them doing this–several times.

I recommend this method to you, but I know in the modern world, people have so little time and are on the go so much, that they need a little help. So, I have read the psalms onto tape and they are now available from Christian Educational Ministries on tape or CD.

The Collection of Books known as the Psalms is included in that section of the Hebrew Bible called "The Writings." There are five recognized divisions in the text, and the links to each of these divisions is seen to the left.

The default translation in this section is the my own paraphrase of the Authorized King James Version. When I began to read the Bible, it was the only version generally available. I learned quickly to paraphrase the English of the 17th century, and that is what I do in sermons or radio programs. So I do it here as well.

This is a work in progress, and I may not yet have corrected variants in some of the Psalms.











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